Chinese Zodiac Lucky Numbers

Chinese zodiac signs are assigned to predict the nature and hereafter developments in the lives of population by observing the repetitive cycle of 12 animal representations of 12 consecutive years. They are done in this way that if the first year is assigned a determined animal symbol, then again after 12 years that is the 13th year will again be considered under the work on of the same sign.

So all the persons born in a singular year are considered to be influenced by only one animal, while the next year which has a distinct animal related with it will work on the lives of all those who are born in that year. Each of these years is related with a lucky number.


Usually Chinese zodiacs reconsider even numbers to be luckier and related with welfare than odd numbers. Their culture always boosts the use of even numbers in every occasion. They commonly gift population in pair. A pair consists of 2 things which is a sticker of harmony and germination.

Chinese Zodiac Lucky Numbers

Six is pronounced in Chinese language as “liu” which has got to do with all things being operated very smoothly without any obstruction in the path. The whole eight is pronounced as “ba” which sounds like “fa”, this has got to do with luck and production a good fortune. The use of whole eight is very frequent and common among businessmen. They would join together this whole very closely with their dealings.

But there is an irregularity to this rule of even numbers. Unlike 2, 6 and 8 the whole 4 is not considered auspicious. It is pronounced as “si” which is sounds like death in the Chinese language. So it is treated like an ill omen by the Chinese population and not considered lucky as a zodiac lucky number. This is the fancy why population avoid production use of this whole in their car license, room numbers, phone numbers or in any kind of tags.

Though all odd numbers are not considered to be unlucky and not worthy of being related with any of the zodiacs. For example the whole 7 is commonly related with anger, wrath or abandoning, but the whole 9 has nothing to do with negative vibes. The whole 9 is closely related with eternality and the longevity of any kind of life on earth.

Based on these facts and ideas of lucky numbers and zodiacs even the young lovers send singular whole of roses to their beloved. If specifically 9 roses are excellent to be sent as a gift to a lover then it conveys the message that they would love each other eternally ever after.

There are quite a whole of arresting facts and stories related to Chinese zodiac and lucky numbers.

Chinese Zodiac Lucky Numbers


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